Care1st Health Plan Arizona - Provider Area

Welcome Providers

We’re transitioning to Centene Corporation! In January, 2020, Care1st and WellCare Health Plans was acquired by Centene Corporation. You play a very important role in the delivery of health care services to our members. We are committed to working closely with you. We continually strive to remove administrative barriers, so that you can focus on caring for our members.

Medical administration including: Customer Services, Prior Authorization, Claims, Network Management, Case Management, Disease Management, Concurrent Review, Quality Improvement and Behavioral Health will continue to be housed together in Phoenix, fostering close communication and coordination between all areas.

We look forward to partnering with you to achieve better outcomes and to increase patient satisfaction and access to preventative care.

To learn how to participate in our network, please contact our Network Management Team at (602) 778-1800 (Options in order: 5, 7).

Communication is essential to a successful partnership. Our Network Management Team is available to answer questions and resolve issues. Once contracted with us, a Network Management Representative will be assigned to you. Your representative serves as your primary Care1st/WellCare point of contact and is focused on working with you and your staff.